Interview: Diabetes in India

Interview: Diabetes in India

I have said it before, but I absolutely love finding new organizations around the world that support people with Type 1 diabetes. It is one of the reasons why I started T1International in the first place, so that we can learn and share and support to make the world better for people living with diabetes. Read more

Reflections On the Young Leaders in Diabetes Training

Reflections On the Young Leaders in Diabetes Training

I have now had some time to reflect on and think about the experience of the Young Leaders in Diabetes training and attendance at the World Diabetes Congress, which I am so grateful to have been a part of. I never would have believed... Read more

Is The ‘World’ Missing From ‘World Diabetes Day’?

Is The ‘World’ Missing From ‘World Diabetes Day’?

Since 1991, November 14th has been known as World Diabetes Day, but I wonder if World Diabetes Day this year will serve to raise awareness about the biggest global problem that people with diabetes are facing – access to insulin, supplies, and education? Read more

What Needs to Change?

Insulin to treat people living with diabetes has been available for over 90 years, but why aren't there generic alternatives available for people who must spend impossible percentages of their income on their insulin supply? Read more

Interview: Insulin for Life

I was excited to hear first-hand how the programme started, what it does, and its potential to help more and more people who do not have access to or cannot afford insulin and diabetes supplies. Read more

Interview: Life for a Child

In my quest for finding organizations that help type 1 diabetics around the world, Life for a Child was one of the first programmes that I discovered which fit that bill perfectly. A project by the International Diabetes Federation, Life for a Child was only... Read more

Interview : The Pendsey Trust

It’s a small world, and the diabetes world especially can be even smaller than we think sometimes. Each day a new connection leads me to further connect with more amazing people doing amazing things for diabetes. Read more

Diabetes Dangers and Cultural Misconceptions

We've all heard the tired old comments such as “My grandma/grandpa has diabetes so I know exactly how you feel!”, or “Doesn't diabetes mean you can’t eat sugar?” While we know some of this information may be based in certain experiences or knowledge, the reality is that many people are simply misinformed... Read more

Interview: Diabetes in Pakistan

Sana wants to tackle the ever-growing problems that diabetics face in Pakistan, such as negative social pressures, lack of acceptance, and lack of diabetes awareness and education. Read more