The Price of Insulin and Glucose Testing Supplies Costs Patients Their Lives

Across the globe, patients are spending an unsustainable amount for the medicine and supplies they need to simply stay alive. In many parts of the world, people are forced to pay as much as 40% (or more) of their total income on the bare minimum to manage their diabetes.

Join T1International and the #insulin4all network as we raise our voices and Fight For FiveOur network is advocating globally for a world where the cost of insulin and glucose testing supplies represents no more than 5% of a person’s income in any given country. We are initially focused on Panama, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe.

How Will We Achieve Our Goal?

A big part of how we will achieve our goal is through our Fight for Five Working Group. This group will work with T1International to create a defined action plan with deliverables and milestones. The plan will target High-Level actors (e.g. The World Health Organization) and work with advocates in India, Pakistan, Panama, and Zimbabwe to gather data, talk to policymakers, and push for policy change in communities to make change.


We are looking for individuals and organisations to support our Fight for Five Campaign. 

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Some of the specific ways we will advocate include:
  • Motivating the WHO to define “affordable” in its 5th Global Diabetes Coverage Target as 5% or less and to build strong monitoring systems to ensure "affordable access"
  • Continuing to pressure the Big 3 Pharma companies to lower insulin prices, building on the momentum of recent USA-based insulin price cuts
  • Working with advocates in our focus countries to create action plans and provide resources to governments and encourage them to pass policy that prioritizes diabetes funding