Insulin and Diabetes Supplies are Still Unaffordable to the People Who Need Them Most: PATIENTS

Across the globe, patients are spending an unsustainable amount for the medicine and supplies they need to simply stay alive. In many parts of the world, people are forced to pay as much as 40% (or more) of their total income on the bare minimum to manage their diabetes.

Join T1International and the #insulin4all network as we raise our voices for World Diabetes Month and beyond as we Fight For Five. Our network is advocating globally for a world where no one with diabetes has to spend more than 5% of their income on insulin and blood glucose testing supplies.



While we launched Fight for Five in November 2022, our final goal stretches to 2025 as this is T1I’s global priority and campaign focus for the next two years. 

Taking Action:
  • For advocates based in the United States, we encourage you to sign our World Diabetes Month petition to demand that Congress act on insulin now.
  • Sign up to get alerts for actions related to Fight for Five. We'll send additional information and ways you can take action, not matter where you live.