Insulin for Syrians

2,400 vials of insulin were purchased with the money raised in 2016

”For us to secure the most basic necessities of life is becoming extremely difficult with a small child suffering from diabetes. I tried to run away towards Europe, but did not have the courage to risk taking my family in the sea after I saw pictures of children who drowned in the sea.

We are trying to keep alive, but of all things I wish that my son could live like other children.

The above is just one example of thousands of harrowing stories of Syrians affected by diabetes and war. This is why we carried out our ‘Insulin for Syrians’ appeal in June and July of 2016. Donors helped ensure these families get their life-saving insulin and diabetes supplies.

All funds raised through this appeal are going towards our partner organisation, The Syrian American Medical Association, which is working at hospitals in various parts of Syria. The funds will be used to provide insulin, syringes, and blood glucose monitoring supplies for people in Aleppo and other locations in Syria that have been cut off from aid.

We are thrilled to share that, thanks to you, we raised £9,388 ($12,500) for those in need.

  • £10 ($14) could provide someone with insulin for at least one month
  • £30 ($40) could provide 200 test strips for one or more people with diabetes
  • £65 ($87) could provide someone with approximately one year’s worth of insulin
  • £100 ($134) could provide someone with approximately one year’s worth of insulin and life-saving test strips to monitor blood sugar levels and adjust insulin dosages

A big thanks to our friends at Beyond Type 1 who matched £1000 ($1342) to help address these urgent needs. Thanks to everyonewho gave generously to save lives.