Patients Have Power: #insulin4all

About T1International

We are a non-profit run by people with (and impacted by) type 1 diabetes for people with type 1 diabetes. We believe access to insulin, supplies and care is a human right, and we give patients the tools to stand up for these rights so that access can become a reality for all.

Did You Know?
  • T1International is an independent, patient-led advocacy organization that doesn't take funding from pharmaceutical companies or anyone that could influence our advocacy.
  • T1International (along with The Pendsey Trust) created the #insulin4all hashtag for World Diabetes Day 2014 to put global type 1 diabetes issues on the radar.
  • #insulin4all has millions of impressions each month, and has become a worldwide movement of thousands of patients standing up for affordable insulin.
  • T1International has nearly 50 grassroots Chapters around the world, and patient advocates fighting for systemic change in more than 40 countries worldwide.
  • T1Interantional’s patient advocates have helped the movement to gain over 1,000 pieces of media coverage about insulin prices in 2019 alone.
  • Patient advocates have educated thousands of people about type 1 diabetes and carried out advocacy plans to make long-term change in their countries.
Many people standing together with the words ''Patients have the power to build a movement''
Patients Have Real Power
  • Organizations and the media often only highlight patient suffering, which is important, but there’s more to the story.
  • Patients are not powerless victims of the crisis.
  • Patients have agency and are standing up for our human right to health in our countries, states, cities, and towns around the world.
  • T1International is fighting for systemic, long-term solutions led by patients who are fighting for our lives.
  • Patients have the power to make change by speaking out and holding policy makers accountable.
Why is it Important for Patients to Lead?
  • We are the experts about type 1 diabetes and the issues that people with our condition face. Patients live and breathe our conditions, so we know them best.
  • Patients are the ones that live with the real consequences of campaigns and policies.
  • Some groups use patient stories to push forward their own agenda to get a candidate elected or to prevent someone from getting elected, rather than making sure real change happens.
  • Expecting patients to pour their hearts out in public for free, and ignoring them when the decision-making and strategizing happens is not OK.
  • We deserve to be involved at every stage of strategy, planning, and execution. We should be leaders, not sob stories or token add-ons.
sign that reads ''a problem shared is a problem solved''
sign that reads ''patients are the real voice and power behind change in our systems''
Take Action!
  1. Watch and share our Patients Have Power video.
  2. Share the facts on this page, and let the world know that you as a patient have power, deserve respect, and are part of the solution to the global insulin price crisis.
  3. Send us an email with a typed response to the question ‘What makes patient advocacy powerful?’ and let us know your country of origin. We will put it in a graphic and share on social media as part of the campaign.
  4. Share the graphics on this page and tag @t1international, using the #insulin4all and #PatientsHavethePower hashtag.
  5. Take a video to share on social media of you answering the question ‘What makes patient advocacy powerful?’ Don’t forget to tag @t1international!
  6. Join your local #insulin4all Chapter, or consider starting one of your own!
  7. Donate to T1International and support patient advocates around the world who are fighting for #insulin4all.
Graphic of lady holding a sign that says ''access to insulin is a human right'', with the words ''Patients have the power to speak out''.
Three different skin toned fists in the air with the words ''Patients have the power to make change''
Sample Social Text:
  • The @t1international Chapters and patient advocates everywhere are leading the fight to ensure that #insulin4all becomes a reality. Include us, listen to us, respect us. #PatientsHavethePower #WDD2019
  • #PatientsHavethePower to ensure that there are no more deaths from insulin rationing. Include us, don’t use us! #insulin4all will become a reality because our lives depend on it. #WDD2019
  • This #WorldDiabetesDay patient advocates raise our voices for #insulin4all. We demand change. As a united community, we know that our movement is free from industry influence and led by those most impacted by the issues. #PatientsHavethePower
A Globe with megaphones and the words ''Patients have the Power to Change the world''
sign that reads ''we are more than a statistic''
sign that reads ''we can do so much more together''
sign that reads ''we can create a movement for a better life''