Take Action for 100 Years: From Gift to Greed

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This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of insulin. T1International is not celebrating this centenary because millions of people worldwide cannot access or afford it. Insulin was meant to be a gift to the world but has become a posterchild of pharmaceutical industry greed. We share some ways you can Advocate, Don't Celebrate below.

Donate to Keep our Pharma Free Fight Going

Donate or raise funds to support our uncompromised work to ensure affordable insulin for everyone.

Boost the Campaign on Social Media

Help us get the word out! Post graphics from this folder, and share the below sample posts on social media. Feel free to adapt them, but please use the hashtags (listed below) so we can amplify! You can tag us, too!

Educate Your Community
  • Provide education to your community about the history of insulin, the 100 Year Anniversary of it’s discovery, highlight exorbitant costs, pharmaceutical industry greed, and their dangerous tactics to keep prices high
  • Encourage participation in T1International’s Chapters and Global Advocacy Network, including taking part in campaign actions to call for lower insulin prices
  • Share stories of advocates from around the world who face obstacles with the cost of insulin and how it impacts them, as well as their own advocacy efforts to make sustainable change in their communities
Visit The Landing Page

The page features dates, history, and information about the history of insulin.

Join Our 100 Voices

Share your quote (no more than 100 words) about the impacts you have experienced due to high insulin prices with Make sure to include your name and location. These will be posted on our social media channels throughout the campaign.

Host A Video Watch Party

T1International worked with Miss Diabetes to create an animation video for the campaign. We are encouraging viewing parties to educate family, friends and co-workers about the reality of pharma’s greed. Prepare for your Watch Party using this document. The video is here.

Don't forget to take a screenshot, share it on social media, tag @t1international, and use the campaign hashtags (#AdvocateDontCelebrate, #FromGiftToGreed, #insulin100, #insulin4all)–and let us know how it went!

Campaign Hashtags

  • #insulin100
  • #AdvocateDontCelebrate
  • #insulin4all
  • #t1international
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