For too long, Big Pharma has been profiting off of people with diabetes. But insulin is an essential, not a luxury item. 

They make billons in profit while 1 in 4 people are forced to ration insulin due to the high costs.

On March 16th, T1International is leading a Global Day of Action for #insulin4all. Advocates will be holding solidarity actions around the globe to raise our voices in a united call for insulin access and affordability.

Join our virtual action for Insulin Equity Now by using the insulin cost calculator tool below, and sharing about it on social media.

Pharma Greed Insulin Calculator

Note: The numbers and figures here are estimates based on information available and personally inputted data. These are not actual precise calculations and results may vary depending on location and other factors. 

Make Some Noise About Big Pharma's Greed

  • Screenshot this information and share it on social media 
  • Be sure to tag T1International in your posts!
  • Make a short video talking about your calculator results and how much pharma has profited off of you and the ways insulin inequity has impacted you
  • Feel free to use examples of luxury goods from your own country 

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I just used @t1international's Pharma Greed Insulin Calculator. Big Pharma has profited off of people with diabetes for too long. But insulin is an essential, not a luxury item. We demand INSULIN EQUITY NOW! Use the tool and take action: