Kuwait Government funds and provides healthcare to its citizens through the Ministry of Health (MOH). There are several semi-government entities that provide healthcare services, which are funded partially by Kuwait Government (such as Dasman Diabetes Institute) and are specifically established to serve patients diagnosed with diabetes.

What happens if you need to see a doctor?
Patients take an appointment in advance or just drop by a clinic or hospital and take a number and wait until their turn comes up. No fees are required for doctor appointment, nor for medication (excluding BG testing devices, strips and lancets).

Who decides what medicines a doctor can prescribe?
The Ministry of Health (MOF) is the authority that has the power to decide what medication should be used, and prescribed by doctors, based on the country guidelines that have been established by the Ministry of Health.

Practically, what is it like to live with type 1 diabetes in Kuwait?
Kuwait provides for free syringes and pumps (along with its accessories) needles, alcohol wipes, vitamins, urine strips. The BG testing devices, lancets and strips are not covered and patients with diabetes have to purchase them. They can be expensive. Kuwait Diabetes Society (KDS) provides the BG testing devices along with its accessories in reduced prices (between $170 and $70 per month for blood testing strips) which is still considered to be a burden for some people with diabetes. Adult patients with no complications have an appointment with their GP every 6 months. Eye, foot and the regular check-up tests are free of charge.

What about getting admitted to hospital?
The hospital services and treatments are free of charge, including all medication provided during the stay at the hospital.

How does diabetes care vary throughout the country?
There are certain facilities that provide great services regarding check-ups, medication as well as appointments, such as Dasman Diabetes Institute. Pumps are only provided through Amiri Hospital. In hospitals it can be a lengthy procedure to have an appointment, have check-ups, or get a pump. There are no issues related to insulin access. The state of Kuwait provides each citizen diagnosed with type 1 diabetes a free pump device along with its accessories.

A huge thanks to Mohammad Y. Al-Bahar for providing this information for us. 

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