Corporate Giving

Donations from corporations or small businesses truly change lives and keep our charity running. So much of our high-impact work would not be possible without the generosity we receive from these sources.

If you share our vision of a world where no one dies from type 1 diabetes and are a business looking to support a one-of-a-kind cause standing up for the right to health, then look no further. To discuss how your support could make a difference, email We would be delighted to hear from you!

Harney Teas

The Harney family have been long term and incredibly generous supporters of T1International. Recently Harney & Sons launched their Banting and Best specialist flavoured tea to honor the discovery of insulin. This naturally flavored tea tastes sweet but has no sweetener. “Raising a cup to our beneficiaries,” Harney Teas have generously donated all proceeds to support people with diabetes, including generous amounts to T1International. The recent launch has already raised nearly $8k. Thank you to the Harney family and everyone at Harney Teas!

The Diabetic Survivor

The Diabetic Survivor is a brilliant creative supporter who designed some special #insulin4all images for T1International’s merchandise. His small business has not only helped us sell more shirts in our shop and raise awareness about our cause, but he also donates 10% of the proceeds of related sales to T1International. Thank you to The Diabetic Survivor for your ongoing support!

Vial Safe 

Vial Safe eliminates the expense, insurance nightmare, and worry caused by an accidentally dropped and broken insulin vial. In addition, their vial protectors come in many colors and designs so diabetics can have some fun with their gear. Vial Safe stands with T1International in their quest for access to affordable insulin and diabetes supplies. For the past several years, they have donated 20% of their Diabetes Awareness Month sales, as well as donating to other T1I fundraisers. Vial Safe is committed to continue donating and advocating for T1International.

Lemon Drop 

Lemon Drop Clay Shop offers a wide range of handmade polymer clay earrings, accessories & home decor. 10% of all sales from every blue pair, or diabetic themed styles are donated to T1International. Ali (the owner/creator of Lemon Drop Clay Shop) is a Type 1 Diabetic and hopes to spread more awareness to achieve #insulin4all.


StoWELL proudly supports T1International through a partnership to raise Diabetic Awareness with limited-edition t-shirts. This collaboration aligns with our shared commitment to increase access to insulin and medical support for anyone with type 1 diabetes around the world. By combining our voices, we aim to drive positive change and champion legislative action in our community without money from pharmaceutical companies. 

Diabetic Sock Club 

Diabetic Sock Club was created to drive awareness and support for proper diabetic foot care. DSC has partnered with T1International to help advocate for insulin and diabetes supply access and affordability worldwide. Our partnership together helps grow awareness through education and high-quality products.