Anyone Can be a Digital Advocate for #insulin4all

Want to support the #insulin4all cause? Help us amplify T1International’s work by advocating online for people with T1D globally. The main goal of digital advocacy is to spread the word about our work and what we do. It allows you to encourage others to think about these issues, speak out and get involved, and donate if they can.

Ideas to Get You Started:

  • Regularly comment and engage with T1Interantional posts on social media (links to all our socials are below)
  • Sign up to our T1Informed newsletter to get updates and actions, and share with family, friends and networks
  • Share T1International blog posts and social media posts on your social accounts and platforms
  • Write blog posts of your own about topics we cover and why you support T1International and our work (example here)
  • Make videos for Youtube, Instagram, or Facebook to inform people about a certain campaign or aspect of our work (example here)
  • Contact high profile people living with diabetes to ask them to support T1International and help raise awareness about our actions

T1International Social Media Channels: