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About the Global Advocacy Network

People living with diabetes face different issues all around the world. T1International aims to give advocates the tools they need to push for change in their communities. We coordinate a Global Advocacy Network of like-minded advocates fighting for change around the world. 

T1International Global Advocates, Advocacy Chapters, and Advocacy Partners identify the issues in their country that they want to work on and develop action plans to make change. T1International supports our Global Advocacy Network through that process, and brings advocates together to share and learn and fight for collective change.

Global Priority 2022-2025: Fight for Five

In 2022, the Global Advocacy Network voted on a collective global priority to work towards: Average combined monthly out-of-pocket cost of insulin and blood glucose testing supplies represents no more than 5% of approximate average monthly income in any given country for people with diabetes.

Global Advocates

Cyrine Farhat

Cyrine, Lebanon

''I have lived with type 1 diabetes many years and had to make so many decisions and life choices just to afford insulin. I believe that access to insulin is a human right, so I started my journey as positiveonglucose, a blog and a safe space for diabetics. I discovered T1International, who empowered and equipped me with the tools to push forward rights that are mine, yours, and the world's!''

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Marian García de Alba Workshop 2021

Marian, Mexico

''I am eager to make a difference in my country, México, for people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) because everyone deserves good quality of life, and no one should have to ration insulin or die from lack of treatment. I have lived with T1D since 2006. I am an ESL & Preschool Teacher with diplomas in Child Development and Neurodevelopment, and Health Promotion for People With T1D. I am currently studying for a Psychology Degree.''

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Tino Dzikiti

Tino, Zimbabwe

“I have been heavily involved in the Diabetes advocacy space for years, including recently becoming a Certified Diabetes Educator. I am a Young Leader in Diabetes and Africa Representative-Elect for International Diabetes Federation. I host The Diabetic Mogul Podcast with the vision to Inspire, Empower, Encourage, and Educate the community. I am glad that we, the diabetes community, can come together to create the change that we need.”

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Johnpeter Mwolo

Johnpeter, Tanzania

''Living in Tanzania with type 1 diabetes I know how people with type 1 diabetes here are experiencing life and challenges. This will allow us to help those who are facing the same challenges in other areas. I want many people to understand type 1, and with the help of T1International we can make sure many people understand and are supported.''

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Eleanor Callaghan

Eleanor, UK

"My journey with type 1 diabetes started when I was diagnosed at the age of 13. While being a student and travelling the world, I realised barriers to insulin accessibility and the issues it causes. I feel privileged to live in a country where insulin is readily available, and I am advocating with T1International so that this becomes a global standard and fellow diabetics can lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

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Yemurai Machirori

Yemurai, Zimbabwe

''I have been living with diabetes since 2004 and I am passionate about access and affordability of insulin and diabetes supplies, especially for children with diabetes. I strongly believes that no child should die of diabetes and that no parent/child should have to give up their dreams because they cannot afford to give their child life.”

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Dani Rojas

Dani, Costa Rica

''I have lived with type 1 diabetes for 27 years. I am a psychologist and diabetes educator who supports people with chronic illnesses with their physical health and also mental and emotional health. I strongly believe that people living with type one diabetes have a right to feel safe, healthy and happy in their own skin. I'm excited to continue to advocate with T1International in Costa Rica, Latin America and the world.''

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Christina Barklund

Christina, Sweden

“I am a general practice doctor based in Stockholm who has had T1D since 1996. I came to advocacy a few years ago, after a trip to visit my daughter studying medicine in Cameroon. I met a young man with type 1 who couldn’t afford to live. I hope to educate others about the challenges that people with diabetes face in places where the healthcare system is not as comprehensive as it is in my country.”

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Arina Parkhomova GA

Arina, Russia

"I’ve been living with type 1 diabetes since November 1997. For many years, I have not shared my experience with others. However, T1International, with its support and tools, motivated me to speak up and begin helping fellow diabetics and people who support us. It’s music and art that inspire me to bring more endorphins into the diabetes community."

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Riccardo Scatolone

Riccardo, Italy

“I am a T1International advocate based in Turin, Italy. I have been affected by type 1 diabetes since 2006. I have an actuarial background, and in my free time, I am a musician, singer and songwriter. My main advocacy goal is focused on educating people about diabetes related costs in Italy and creating awareness about diabetes burnout.”

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Konstantina Taki GA

Konstantina, Greece

"I am Konna, a medical doctor from Greece and I have lived with type one diabetes since 2008. Diabetes is a 24/7 unpaid job. Accessibility and education are key to diabetes management. I'm lucky enough to live in a country where insulin is ensured for every diabetic patient. T1International's work for people with diabetes inspired me and gave me motivation to contribute to its vision by becoming a global Advocate."

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Lejla Druskic

Lejla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

'' I have had type 1 diabetes for 6 years now. The healthcare system in my country is broken and corrupt. People are unaware of diabetes and its costs, and we don’t have enough care, medical professionals, or supplies to live a normal life. Even though making change is hard, we as a community need to unite. If we don’t fight for our rights – no one else will.''

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Global Advocacy Partners

T1International’s Advocacy Partners are organisations that already have established structures, goals and missions. Advocacy partners gain advocacy support from T1International and work together with the organisation on specific issues and campaigns.

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