Medicines Shouldn't Cost Lives

No one should have to fundraise for the cost of their life-saving medicines

Patients living with chronic conditions have very specific needs. Many must take one (or more) medications every day to stay alive and healthy, yet the prices of these medicines are unaffordable. In Kenya, for example, insulin and diabetes supplies can cost at least 56% of the average monthly salary.

People living with chronic conditions demand affordable access to medication. No one should have to fundraise for the cost of their life-saving medicines or die because they can’t afford them.

This campaign highlights stories of patients living with chronic health conditions that are impacted by high medicine costs in their countries and their insistence that governments take action to lower the price.

Cate's Story

I have been living with type 1 diabetes in Kenya for over 30 years. I grew up with only my mum in one of Nairobi’s biggest ghettos called Dando (Dandora). After my diagnosis at age five, we struggled to afford the costs of my essential medicine and diabetes supplies. At times we had to borrow money to buy my insulin, and I missed my clinics because I couldn't afford the consultation fees. I came to see that diabetes affects both the rich and the poor.

Today I face some major diabetes complications. I have low vision disability and End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), which have brought more complications due to kidney failure. I also have what they call brittle bone disease. I have dislocated both my hip joints and must use a wheelchair. 

I am now a single mum myself, and I can no longer work to support my daughter because of my health. Taking care of all these conditions with no personal income is frustrating but I have not lost hope. I am trying to raise enough funds to cover the costs of hip replacement surgery and treatment.

I am not as strong as before, but I made a promise to make the lives of people with diabetes more comfortable. If I don't get the help I need, at least I know my advocacy will help someone in Kenya with diabetes to get better medical care, affordable diabetic supplies and 100% government support.

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Share Your Story

The World Health Assembly takes place from 21-26 May and we want to make sure that our voices as patients are heard.

Share your story about living with a chronic health condition:

  1. Tell how you have been impacted by the high costs of medicine
  2. Ask your government to take action to lower the price
Tweet a message to your Health Ministry and ask them to make medicines affordable for people with chronic conditions.

We have sample tweets and twitter accounts below.