Digital Demonstration: One Decision for #insulin4all

On Saturday, September 26, T1International’s #insulin4all advocates will flood social media with posts across all channels that are in line with the theme of our Digital Demonstration for #onedecision.

Take Action on September 26th!

  1. Join us for our virtual #insulin4all Workshop on September 26 and 27.
  2. Share the facts and sample social posts from our Digital Demonstration Toolkit to let Eli Lilly, Novo Nordisk and Sanofi know that our community of patients demands lower list prices.
  3. Take a selfie holding up your pointer finger (as Liz demonstrates) to emphasize that the insulin manufacturers need to make one decision and share it, along with our demonstration graphics. Tag @t1international and the #insulin4all and #onedecision hashtags.
  4. Join your local #insulin4all Chapter, or consider starting one of your own!
  5. Donate to T1International and support patient advocates around the world who are fighting for #insulin4all and pushing the insulin manufacturers to lower their list price.

People with type 1 diabetes have to make up to 180 extra decisions per day. My son had to decide between paying for his insulin and paying his other bills and financially providing for his daughter. I had to bury him because he simply couldn't afford his insulin and supplies. 

We must demand that pharmaceutical companies make one simple decision: to lower the list price of insulin NOW.

-Nicole Smith-Holt, mother of Alec Smith