March of 2022 brings a new campaign, Tea1International, to come together with our supporters to spill the tea about Big Pharma's greed and the rising cost of insulin around the world. Tea is a treat whereas insulin is essential, yet our 2020 out-of-pocket cost survey found one of every four respondents reported having to ration their insulin at least once within the last year due to high costs. One box of tea costs about $13, while a single vial of insulin carries a list price of $300.

We need need your help to #SpillTheTea on this issue in March and all year long. Tea1International is an opportunity for people living with type 1 diabetes and their allies across the globe to speak out against the absurdly high, and rising, cost of insulin. Throughout the month of March you can #SpillTheTea by taking part in our Advocacy Blend and Fundraising Blend as a part of Tea1International!

Advocacy Blend: Follow the steps below to join us in spilling the tea on the global insulin price crisis!

  1. Take a picture of your favorite box of tea.
  2. Post your photo on social media, comparing the cost of tea where you live to the cost of a vial of insulin.
    Sample text: Tea is a treat, but insulin is essential. In the USA, a box of tea costs $13, and a vial of insulin has a list price of $300. #SpillTheTea #Tea1International
  3. Remember to use the hashtags #Tea1International, #SpillTheTea, #insulin4all and to tag @t1international.

As a part of the campaign, we are aiming to raise $10,000 to further this critical work in step with our Chapters and Global Advocacy Network.

Fundraising Blend: Choose one of the following to show your support this March!

  • Raise a cup (of tea) to T1International by donating what you might normally pay for tea in a single week or month. You could even set this as a monthly donation to make your support go further!
  • Buy a T1International mug to show your support of the cause, with part of the proceeds going directly to us!
  • Invite your friends and family to a fundraising Tea Party (virtual or in-person) asking everyone to donate what they might spend on the costs of favourite tea box to T1International.
  • Buy some Banting & Best Blend tea from Harney & Sons, our partner for this campaign, who is passing proceeds to our cause!

We’re planning to keep this conversation brewing all month long, so follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more inspiration on how to join the conversation. We would be incredibly grateful for any donation you are able to make. All gifts have a big impact. Click here to give now!

Thanks to our wonderful campaign partner Harney & Sons.