What We Lost: A Call to Build Back Better

Share What You Lost and Demand Lower Drug Prices

Families United for Affordable Insulin (FUFAI), a forum led by T1International Ambassador Nicole Smith-Holt, has launched a campaign to highlight what we have lost to the high price of insulin. Every day, people with and impacted by diabetes miss out or struggle to afford further education, pay rent, buy food, and more in order to stay alive. Far too many of us have lost family and loved ones to unnecessary insulin rationing.

A staggering one of every four patients with type 1 diabetes has had to ration their insulin due to cost. We are done sacrificing. We are turning our pain into action.

Due to the release of the revised Build Back Better framework today we are updating our campaign as the timing and need for pressure is ON! The reconciliation package framework released on October 28th fails to include drug pricing negotiations. Now, there is an increasing need for swift action to hold the line by calling Congress Members (202-224-3121) and emailing letters and flyers to your federal representatives demanding Build Back Better to include Medicare negotiations. This needs to be a strong plan to lower prescription drug costs for Americans by letting Medicare negotiate drug prices and reducing the unchecked power of pharmaceutical companies. We literally cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.

Use the templates and information below to draft a note to your representative. Share this with people you know who have lost loved ones to insulin scarcity and rationing. Help us shout 'never again' on behalf of all those who have been denied universal rights such as housing, good health, and life itself.

How To Take Action 
  1. Call Members of Congress to demand that a plan to lower drug prices be put back into the Build Back Better plan. We don’t have much time. Please contact your members of Congress right away by calling 202-224-3121.
  2. Sign the Public Citizen Letter. Urge your members of Congress to stand strong — they should demand Medicare expansion to cover dental and vision care, as well as to allow Medicare to negotiate lower prescription drug prices.
  3. Write an email to your representative about what you've lost. Ask them to hold the line and demand that Medicare negotiation be put back into the Build Back Better plan. We suggest that the letter be one page or less. Click here for a template to use or follow the writing instructions below.
  4. Include one of the images in this folder with your letter, or include your own image demonstrating what you have lost or had to give up due to the unaffordable cost of insulin.
  5. Act NOW! Letters can have more emphasis than emails, but due to the urgency, we suggest you call and email first. Click here to find your representative.

What Have You Sacrificed To Afford Your Insulin?

Please Note:

If you need help with printing costs or have questions, please reach out to us@t1international.