2018 T1International Out-of-Pocket Cost Survey

In 2016, T1International carried out their first global out of pocket cost survey for people with type 1 diabetes. We asked respondents to answer questions regarding insulin utilization, insulin delivery methods, out-of-pocket costs for insulin, test strips and other diabetes management tools. 

In 2018, we improved the survey, learning more about out of pocket costs and the situation for people with type 1 diabetes around the world. The 2018 survey had a total of 1,478 respondents from 90 countries. The majority of our data is shared in the visualizations below and is contextualized in our report 'Costs and Rationing of Insulin & Diabetes Supplies'.

I can't afford a home. Most of my salary goes toward diabetic supplies. I have to ration everything.

- USA Respondent

Sometimes insulin or syringes are not available when needed.

-Rwanda Respondent

I check my [blood glucose] level once a day due to costs and sometimes I don’t check for a week.

-Pakistan Respondent

It's too expensive to take good care of my type 1 diabetes.

- Mexico Respondent