T1International Statement on ADA Insulin Price Petition

T1International Statement on ADA Insulin Price Petition

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Recently, the American Diabetes Association issued a resolution and launched a  petition calling for more access to affordable insulin. 

It is fantastic to see a large diabetes organization speaking out in this way. However, we feel that the ADA’s language around the call for price transparency does not go far enough. With insulin costs forcing people to choose between paying rent and buying their medicine, patients deserve to know exactly where their money is going. Only when there is complete transparency from all players will we have a full understanding of the high costs of insulin.

T1International is also disappointed to see that the ADA has not reached out to those of us in the diabetes space who are already working on this issue and have been carrying out similar initiatives for some time. We hope to see more collaboration from patient organisations so that no one is duplicating efforts and everyone who wants to take action can do so with one powerful, united voice.

We look forward to the opportunity to work with the ADA and other organisations to push for #insulin4all, and hope to add an additional global perspective on both availability and affordability of insulin and diabetes supplies.

For further information please contact:

Elizabeth Rowley, Director, T1International,

T1International is a registered Charity in the UK that works towards adequate access to insulin, diabetes supplies, medical care and education for all people living with type 1 diabetes. They do this by raising awareness, campaigning and collaborating with existing initiatives, and supporting individuals and organisations on the ground that are working to make life better for people with type 1 diabetes.