Note from the Founder: World Diabetes Day 2017

Note from the Founder: World Diabetes Day 2017

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I don't say it too often, but living with type 1 diabetes makes my life incredibly difficult for me sometimes. It causes enormous anxiety, especially when I travel, for fear that my body will turn on itself and put acid into my bloodstream causing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). If I don't rapidly get fluids into my body intravenously, DKA leads to death. On the other side of the spectrum, dangerous low blood sugars can cause seizures, which can also be deadly. Both of these things have happened to me numerous times, so the fear is based on lived experience. I do my best not to let the fear and worry hold me back, but it can be overwhelming.

I say this not for sympathy, but to remind both those living with diabetes and those not living with diabetes about it's impact on World Diabetes Day. I want people to understand that type 1 diabetes is not just something that people manage by simply taking some medicine and getting on their way. For many, it invades every part of our life, every day, and sometimes every minute. While it can be managed with lots and lots of effort, it also sucks joy and causes unhinging worry.

Despite this, I want to be clear about how immensely privileged I am. Imagine living with the fear I described above, but also not knowing how you will afford your next vial of insulin or pack of test strips to manage your blood sugar levels. Imagine DKA and dangerous low blood sugars happening regularly because you don't have access to the medical care you deserve. Imagine not fully understanding your own condition and not having the tools you need to manage it to the best of your ability. If you feel the same as I do when you imagine these things, you are beyond outraged. 

If you want to turn that outrage into action, will you support our work by making a donation to T1International's World Diabetes Day fundraising appeal? Even a small donation will make a huge impact thanks to our lean and efficient operation. You will be able to say that on November 14, 2017 you are part of the fight for a fairer world for everyone living with type 1 diabetes.

More Ways to Take Action

Add Your #insulin4all Photo

Upload a photo of yourself with a sign that says "I support #insulin4all" at Then share the photo on social media, encouraging people to learn more about T1International and global diabetes issues.

Change Your Facebook Picture

1. Go to and type 'T1International' into the box. 

2. Choose one of our two designs to raise awareness for World Diabetes Day.

Sign the Diabetes Access Charter

Help us reach 1,000 signatures for World Diabetes Day 2017!

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