Join T1International in this year’s “Health is Wealth!” Digital Demonstration to celebrate our community of patients and allies. Despite hearing powerful, heart-breaking, and enraging stories from patients and people impacted by diabetes year after year, Eli Lilly has not met our demand to lower the list price of insulin. We want to show Big Pharma and each other that our community will not stand down in the fight for lower insulin prices. We are powerful, resilient, and joyful, even in the face of corporate greed. 

From September 24 through October 24, 2022, let’s show the world the joy we find in our collective fight for #insulin4all, culminating in a direct action at Eli Lilly’s International Headquarters in Indianapolis on October 24. 

Take Action Now!
  1. Upload an image so social media that shows how you find joy in our collective fight for affordable, accessible insulin and supplies for all. It can be a picture of you advocating, or a picture of you doing a favourite activity or hobby. Look below for template language and examples from the T1I team. Feel free to get creative! Make sure that you are tagging your post with @t1international and #insulin4all, as well as pointing to our petition and asking others to take this action, too!
  2. Sign our petition to Eli Lilly demanding that they lower the list price of insulin. Once you’ve signed the petition, share it on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to make sure that everyone who believes in #insulin4all has the opportunity to sign-on. The petition will be delivered to Eli Lilly at our October 24 Direct Action!
Sample Posts

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold or silver.
- Mahatma Gandhi

Other Ways to Take Action:
  • Submit your Message of Joy! While we know the not everyone can be there in person, we want every single member of our #insulin4all family to be heard at our in-person action at Eli Lilly’s International Headquarters in Indianapolis on October 24th. Your message of joy will be added to our event banner when our team preps for our direct action.
  • Watch and share our Direct Action Livestream on Monday, October 24. Stay tuned on our T1International Facebook page!
  • By making a recurring donation of $20, you are helping keep us patient-led and free from Big Pharma influence. Please donate here and thank you for supporting our movement toward #insulin4all.
  • Set up a fundraiser via Facebook or JustGiving. Be sure to check out our Top Tips for Online Fundraising to help you get started. Setting up an online fundraiser is a great way to spread the word and share your excitement with friends and family!

The pharmaceutical industry claims that the health of people is their top priority while they continue to bring in billions in profit, showing their true priority. Big Pharma has continued to raise the price of insulin at the expense of countless people’s health. For too many, health is unattainable because of broken systems driven by greed.