Elizabeth Professional

Elizabeth, Founder & Director

Elizabeth Rowley is the Founder and Director of T1International. She was born in the United States and has lived with type 1 diabetes for almost 25 years. Elizabeth moved to London in 2011 to complete her Master’s degree in International Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science and has worked with non-profits, diabetes and health organisations ever since. Elizabeth believes strongly that where you were born should not determine whether you live or die with diabetes. She is confident that by working together we can find sustainable solutions to the complex problems faced by people with diabetes.

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Fiona Professional

Fiona, Trustee

Fiona Conner owns and runs a price comparison website, with varied experience from biotechnology to web projects. Her young daughter developed type 1 diabetes at the age of three. Having grown up in a developing country and with first-hand experience of under-resourced healthcare, Fiona wondered how people with type 1 manage in those situations. She is excited to work with T1International as they give people worldwide the chance to tell their own stories. She is passionate about changing the way spending on type 1 is prioritised by governments and wants to see a world where everyone has access what they need to manage this challenging condition.

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John Professional

John, Trustee

John Rowley is a Senior Planning Officer at Cheltenham Borough Council. He was diagnosed with type 1 at the age of 23 and remembers thinking at the time how amazing it was to have such great care provided by the NHS. Only later did he realise this is not the case worldwide. John has been involved in most aspects of T1International since the very beginning. He says, “I am dedicated to the organisation because I believe that speaking with a collective voice is the only way to change the system and ensure that everyone, wherever they are, gets the insulin, supplies and care that they deserve.”

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Amy Professional

Amy, Trustee

Amy Stones has been an avid volunteer since her teens and has spent her career working as an international development project manager. She currently works at Bond, the UK membership body for NGOs working on development, as their Operations Manager. During her time working, Amy has gained an MSc in Development Management, PRINCE2 practitioner qualification and is studying towards a Chartered Institute of Management Accountancy Certificate. Amy is inspired by the opportunity for T1International to make a difference to the lives of those living with type 1 diabetes.

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James Professional

James, Trustee

James Elliott is a researcher of diabetes, health system policy and global health. He has been living with type 1 diabetes since age 12. He currently lives in Toronto Canada, the birthplace of insulin. James works with Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the WoundPedia NGO. He is excited to work with T1International in order to raise awareness of the needless suffering that people living with diabetes in low/middle income, conflict and refugee contexts undergo and he looks forward to helping harness the collective voice and power of the global diabetes community.

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Phil Professional

Phil, Trustee

Phil Reed is an experienced researcher and has worked on a wide range of development issues. As someone who has lived with type 1 diabetes for 25 years, Phil is passionate about improving awareness of the lack of adequate medical care for people with type 1 diabetes around the globe. Phil says, ‘‘The plight of those who suffer from a lack of access to these life-saving drugs is often neglected in the discussions around global health. I am delighted to be working with T1International to push for a world where there is insulin and supplies for all.’’

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Juliana advocate

Juliana, Global Advocate (Brazil)

“Unfortunately, the lack of knowledge from some patients combined with distribution problems turn diabetes management and treatment into a huge issue in Brazil. Access to all the needed supplies is essential for a good diabetes management, and every person diagnosed with diabetes should have access to them. That is why I support T1International, and I am pretty excited to advocate with them!”

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Johnpeter advocate

Johnpeter, Global Advocate (Tanzania)

''Living in Tanzania with type 1 diabetes I know how people with type 1 diabetes here are experiencing life and challenges. This will allow us to help those who are facing the same challenges in other areas. I want many people to understand type 1, and with the help of T1International we can make sure many people understand and are supported.''

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Estelle advocate

Estelle, Global Advocate (S. Africa)

‘‘After a lot of research, T1International’s website made me realize that although I have been fortunate to have access to insulin and a great medical team there are so many people with type 1 diabetes that do not have the resources to manage their diabetes. This is why I am happy to be part of this great organization, targeting real issues for people with type 1 diabetes.’’

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Mbolonzi advocate

Mbolonzi, Global Advocate (Kenya)

''Since my diagnosis of type 1 diabetes a the age of 29 I have grown immense passion and enthusiasm for helping others manage their diabetes. I come from a country and continent where diabetes is more of a death sentence than a life sentence. As a global advocate with T1International I will push for equal access to better management supplies of diabetes.”

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Apoorva advocate

Apoorva, Global Advocate (India)

''I have a passion to ensure provision of health & emotional care to people with diabetes. There is a social stigma attached with having diabetes in India and many people end up with devastating complications without access to proper treatment. I believe in early diagnosis, affordable and easy access to insulin and supplies. I am exited to work with T1International to achieve this at a global level.”

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Moh advocate

Mohammad, Global Advocate (Kuwait)

“I strongly believe that each person diagnosed with diabetes should have access to medication, proper education to learn how to cope with and manage this condition the proper way, to be able to live a healthy and a productive life free from complications. That’s why I support T1International.''

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Karyn writer

Karyn, Global Advocate (USA)

"I want the world to fully understand type 1 diabetes and the care that is necessary to our lives. Providing education, changing mindsets and fighting for access that every diabetic in the world deserves drives my advocacy. Through raising awareness in my writing or urging change in the US healthcare system, I hope to bring understanding to the the importance of #insulin4all."

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Yaa advocate

Yaa, Global Advocate (Ghana)

''I am a memeber of Diabetes Youth Care, a local organization in Ghana which aims at reaching out to Ghanaian youth living with diabetes. Having learned how to educate and motivate young persons who have the condition and to motivate them and their parents about how they can better manage and live with the condition, I am well-placed to be a global diabetes advocate for T1International.''

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Anna advocate

Anna, Global Advocate (Austria)

“I have access to insulin and all the technology that makes living with this chronic disease easier, so I can live a great life. But many children die because they simply cannot afford insulin or because there is a lack of education about type 1 diabetes. As a T1International Global Advocate I have the opportunity to raise awareness and my voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Everybody should be able to test their blood sugar and to insulin to stay alive.”

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Rashidat advocate

Rashidat, Global Advocate (Saudi Arabia)

''I grew up in a developing country where I noticed a lack of information about diabetes. I saw that people with diabetes face difficulty of access to sustainable resources needed for life. I feel there’s a great need to educate people about diabetes and I support T1International’s goal to promote education and awareness about type 1 diabetes.”

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Caroline volunteer

Caroline, Volunteer

''I am supporting T1International with fundraising development. I worked and volunteered for several health charities including Diabetes UK. I am volunteering because through learning about how difficult it is for many people with Type 1 diabetes to access insulin, I feel that more needs to be done and I want to help where I can.''

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Erin volunteer

Erin, Volunteer

"I believe health is a human right. As a lawyer and type 1 diabetic myself with many other health conditions, I know the intricacies of navigating complicated systems to have even the most basic healthcare needs met. I volunteer to bring my background in law and patient advocacy to ensure that all diabetics have access to insulin and healthcare."

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Hannah volunteer

Hannah, Volunteer

''As a person living with Type 1 Diabetes, I am dedicated to using my skills to improve the lives of children with T1 by making learning about it fun and engaging. T1International are tackling an incredibly important issue, so it’s been a pleasure to work with them on their designs. I really look forward seeing what we can create together in the future!''

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Allison Bailey

Allison, Volunteer

"I believe strongly that everyone deserves equal and affordable access to insulin and quality healthcare. As a Type 1 Diabetic who has struggled to afford insulin, I am committed to fighting for the rights of everyone to be able to afford the medicine and care we need, and to thrive in spite of diabetes."

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Alokika volunteer

Alokika, Volunteer

"I volunteer for T1International because as a diabetic myself, I can do one of two things. I can play victim to a disease that is taking the lives of many or I can stand up and fight for myself and those who need access to supplies for a healthy life. T1International allows me to raise awareness while advocating for diabetic equality globally. Being a volunteer gives me hope that one day there will be a cure. and until then, people like us will do everything in our power to insure every diabetic has access to insulin and supplies."

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Amy volunteer

Amy, Volunteer

''Travelling to Latin America with type 1 diabetes bought the reality of what T1international represents. I met type 1 diabetics in Belize, Mexico and Bolivia. The lack of access to insulin and basic diabetes supplies not only shocked me but made me so grateful for having incredible health care facilities back at home in Australia, which I took forgranted. T1International is a incredible organisation that alleviates some of this struggle for life saving medication. My small contribution as a volunteer makes me proud.''

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Rosie volunteer

Rosie, Volunteer

"I am a freelance lifestyle copywriter and blogger, based in Toronto, Canada. I support T1International with web content affiliated projects because many of the people that I cares about the most have Type 1 diabetes. It’s a cause that’s very dear to my heart. Not to mention, I was born with a permanent disability so I knows how frustrating it can be when society isn’t accommodating enough."

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Sharan volunteer

Sharan, Volunteer

''My experience with T1International has been highly rewarding and inspirational. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching and assisting in the production of an advocacy toolkit to support grassroots organisations campaigning to improve the lives of people living with type 1 diabetes. I look forward to volunteering with T1International for the foreseeable future to learn more about the various activities of the charity and to support T1International with my skills as best I can.''

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