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The price of some decades-old insulin has increased over 1000% since 1996. The cost for one vial of insulin is currently around $280, and people typically use 2-4 vials per month, or more. Even with insurance, people with diabetes are paying an average of at least $210 per month for insulin alone and up to 50% of their annual income on diabetes costs.

Many people with type 1 diabetes are being forced to ration their insulin, and an increasing number of people have died because they could not afford it. Without their essential insulin,people with diabetes die quickly and painfully.

We are a group of volunteer advocates working on #insulin4all action in Georgia to raise awareness about the insulin price crisis and push for transparency and lower insulin prices.

  • We promote awareness of the pricing-gouging practices of insulin manufacturers and the financial burden it creates for people with diabetes.
  • We empower individuals impacted by the high price of insulin to share their stories and fight for change toward making life-saving insulin affordable.
Share your experience with high insulin costs in Georgia.