Saturday, September 30th

This event is virtual and open to the public.
There will be simultaneous interpretation into French and Spanish.
Ce sommet fera l'objet d'une traduction simultanée en français et en espagnol.
Esta conferencia será interpretada simultáneamente en francés y español.

We are grateful to JustPax for supporting this event.

2023 Program Session List

11am ET / 4pm BST: Opening and Welcome from Elizabeth Pfiester, T1International Founder & Executive Director

11:15am ET / 4:15pm BST: Opening Keynote with Zackie Achmat, co-founder of the Treatment Action Campaign and known worldwide for his activism on behalf of people living with HIV and AIDS in South Africa

11:35am ET / 4:35pm BST: Advocate Meet-and-Greet

11:50am ET / 4:50pm BST: Fight for Five Working Group, The Power of Community
A discussion among a few members of our Fight for Five Working Group on why having a network of support in diabetes advocacy is vital and empowering. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Tinotenda Dzikiti, Pramita Jasuja, and Rosa Recarey
Moderated by Maham Tahir, T1International Fight for Five Working Group Co-Lead

12:10pm ET / 5:10pm BST: State Working Group, Building Independent Grassroots Power Across State Lines
A discussion between members of our State Working Group and Columbia Law School’s Science, Health, and Information Clinic on the importance of having a state strategy alongside federal work. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Lori Ruder, Christopher Morten, and Kaila Alston
Moderated by Quinn Nichols, T1International State Working Group Co-Lead

12:30pm ET / 5:30pm BST: Communities of Color, A Conversation About Language
A conversation between members of our Communities of Color Working Group on the intersectional impact of language and the role that it plays in the diabetes community. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Danica Collins and Adeline Umubyeyi

12:50pm ET / 5:50pm BST: Take Action with T1International!
T1International and #insulin4all advocates have a history of taking direct action. Learn more about how you can get more involved and take action with us!

1:05pm ET / 6:05pm BST: Families United for Affordable Insulin, Taking Back Your Power
A discussion with FUFAI group members on empowering ourselves through advocacy after loss, and from a mental health lens. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Nicole Smith-Holt and Mindi Patterson
Moderated by Harpreet Nagra, T1International Board Member

1:25pm ET / 6:25pm BST: Federal Working Group, Media in Advocacy
A discussion among members of our Federal Working Group on why and how the media is amplifying Big Pharma’s talking points, and what we can do to change the narrative. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Sa’Ra Skipper and Ty Beringer
Moderated by Kristen Whitney Daniels, T1International Federal Working Group Co-Lead

1:45pm ET / 6:45pm BST: Global Advocacy Network, Your Advocacy is Your Own
A discussion among members of our Global Advocacy Network, where they explore the different ways our advocates have utilised their creative skills to create an impact that fuels their purpose. There will be a Q&A following the discussion.

Speakers: Arina Parkhomova, Eleanor Callaghan, and Chernor Mustapha (Justice) Thoronka

Moderated by Riccardo Scatolone, Global Advocacy Network Member

2:05pm ET / 7:05pm BST: Break

2:15pm ET / 7:15pm BST: Advocate Meet-and-Greet

2:30pm ET / 7:30pm BST: Keynote with Alexandra Park, Australian actor, producer and writer. Credits include the critically acclaimed Ben is Back directed by Peter Hedges, a leading role in Lionsgate’s The Royals and the independent TV series, Everyone is Doing Great which Park served as star, producer and screenwriter. In 2021 Alex’s literary debut “Sugar High”, a comedic memoir, became a bestseller.

2:50pm ET / 7:50pm BST: Video, 10 Years of Advocacy in Action
After 10 years of important work, we have a lot of successes to celebrate! We’ll be highlighting 10 of our biggest wins from over the years.

3:00pm ET / 8:00pm BST: Closing and Dance Party

More About Our Speakers

Zackie Achmat Summit 2023

Zackie Achmat

Zackie Achmat is an activist and independent candidate for parliament in the upcoming 2024 South African National Elections. He has dedicated his life to fighting for justice, equality, dignity, and freedom, particularly for working-class people and vulnerable minorities.

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Alexandra Park Summit 2023

Alexandra Park

Alexandra Park is an Australian actor, producer and writer. Credits include the critically acclaimed Ben is Back directed by Peter Hedges, a leading role in Lionsgate’s The Royals and the independent TV series, Everyone is Doing Great which Park served as star, producer and screenwriter. In 2021 Alex’s literary debut “Sugar High”, a comedic memoir, became a bestseller.

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Rosa Isabel Recarey Summit 2023

Rosa Recarey

Rosa Recarey is a lawyer and the mother of an adolescent with type 1 diabetes. Her son's diagnosis inspired her to fight to give a voice to those who do not have the strength, so that everyone has equal access to insulin.

More about Rosa

Tinotenda Dzikiti Workshop 2021

Tinotenda Dzikiti

Tinotenda (Tino) Dzikiti is a Certified Diabetes Educator. He’s a Young Leader in Diabetes for the International Diabetes Federation, Ambassador for the Zimbabwe Diabetes Association, Membership Committee Co-Chair at the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes, and a Patient Leader for Diabetes Center Berne. Tino also hosts "The Diabetic Mogul Podcast" with Konstantina Taki.

More about Tinotenda

Maham Tahir Summit 2023

Maham Tahir

Maham Tahir is from Islamabad, Pakistan, and is a medical doctor by profession. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2005 and Graves’ disease in 2017. She became involved in advocacy soon after she started working in the hospital. She was devastated to see patients presenting with diabetes complications just because they could not afford insulin, and wants to erase the root cause of the problem.

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Pramita Jasuja IND

Pramita Jasuja

Pramita Jasuja is a co-Chapter Leader of India #insulin4all. She is a diabetes advocate based in India, living with diabetes for almost 11 years now, having been involved with various human rights groups. Her commitment to the cause of #insulin4all stems from the recognition that health is the cornerstone of human well-being, and a lack of access to this life-saving insulin can have far-reaching consequences not only on individuals, but families and communities.

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Kaila Alston Summit 2023

Kaila Alston

Kaila Alston (she/her) is a third year law student at Columbia Law School and is a TA in the Science, Health, and Information Clinic.

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Lori Ruder SWG

Lori Ruder

Lori Ruder is a member of the Ohio #insulin4all Chapter and was one of the founding members of the first state Chapter, KOI (Kentucky-Ohio-Indiana) #insulin4all, in 2018. Her son has been living with T1D since 2014. She is a Nurse Practitioner, Nurse Educator, mother and patient advocate who believes everyone should have access to affordable insulin and diabetes supplies.

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Quinn MI Chapter Leader

Quinn Nichols

Quinn Nichols (He/She/They) was diagnosed with Type 1 at age three, and will be coming up on her 20th diaversary this December. Because of diabetes, she's been a lifelong activist and advocate for disability rights, diabetes awareness, ending gun violence, equality regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation, and more. She's the Michigan #insulin4all Chapter Leader and T1I State Working Group Co-leader.

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Christopher Morten Summit 2023

Christopher Morten

Christopher Morten is an expert on technology, health, information, and “intellectual property” law and is the founding director of Columbia Law School’s Science, Health, and Information Clinic.

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Lina Uumbyeyi SWG

Adeline Umubyeyi

Adeline (Lina) Umubyeyi, is a professional, advocate, and children's book author. Lina has been involved in T1International since 2019 as a member of the Communities of Color and State Working Groups. As a type 1 diabetic since the age of 10, she’s faced situations where her circumstances caused her to ration insulin. This gave her a passion to advocate for lower insulin prices, and to serve as an advocate for underrepresented groups by fostering education, forging community partnerships, and raising awareness.

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Nicole Headshot, FWG

Nicole Smith-Holt

Nicole is the Ambassador for T1International. Nicole has participated in numerous public events, lead rallies, and worked at the state level to create and pass the Alec Smith Insulin Affordability Act in Minnesota.

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Mindi Patterson Summit 2023

Mindi Patterson

Mindi Patterson has two sons and a husband with Type 1 Diabetes. She’s the primary caregiver of her family, as her husband is permanently disabled, unable to walk, and utilizes a power wheelchair for mobility. She lost her sister-in-law, Meaghan, to insulin rationing on Christmas in 2018, and has been interviewed by Washington Post, USAToday, France24, as well as others on the issue of insulin rationing in the United States. She would like to see in-depth healthcare reform, especially in relation to insulin access and affordability.

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Harpreet Nagra Workshop 2020

Dr. Harpreet Nagra

Dr. Nagra is a licensed diabetes psychologist who supports persons living with diabetes across the lifespan. She specializes in treating mood disorders, diabetes burnout, and perfectionism.

More about Dr. Nagra

Sa'Ra Headshot FWG

Sa'Ra Skipper

Sa’Ra is a national type 1 diabetes patient advocate who has lived with type 1 diabetes since the age of 5. After rationing and sharing insulin with her sister who also lives with T1D, Sa’Ra became vocal about the need for the affordability of insulin. Since becoming an advocate, she has testified in front of the United States Committee on Oversight and Reform and, in 2021, met with the President of the United States, Joe Biden.

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Danica Collins Summit 2023

Danica Collins

Danica Collins, also known as Danica the Diabetic, is a diabetes health, digital health, and healthcare expert with more than ten years of experience in the healthcare industry, who discusses her holistic approach to managing life as a diabetic. Being a type 1 diabetic for over 17 years, Danica has developed a unique perspective on managing her diabetes. Her passion for diabetes management led her to create an online diabetes wellness lifestyle platform and subsequent online coaching app, Dia-Log Lounge.

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Ty Headshot FWG

Ty Beringer

Ty Beringer (he/him) is an insulin accessibility advocate who works with many communities on and offline. This includes serving on the T1International Federal Working Group and leading the Arkansas #insulin4all Chapter. As someone who lives in the southern United States, Ty is aware of how societal factors can directly impact a person's access to vital healthcare and drugs. Ty was diagnosed with T1D in 1996, the same year Humalog was introduced at just $20 per vial.

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Kristen Headshot, FWG

Kristen Whitney Daniels

Kristen Whitney Daniels (she/her) is the co-lead of the Federal Working Group and Chapter Leader of Connecticut #insulin4all. She was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2006. When not advocating with T1International she is the associate director of the U.S. Federation of the Sisters of St. Joseph

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Chernor Mustapha Thoronka Summit 2023

Chernor Mustapha Thoronka

Chernor Mustapha (Justice) Thoronka is a local documentary and fiction filmmaker in northern Sierra Leone. He started his film career in 2017 with the aim of using art to address social issues and change society. He’s worked on projects for the FVMC, BBC, DW, PFP, and a number of international media outlets. He currently is a co-founder and filmmaker at Apex Multimedia.

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Eleanor Callaghan

Eleanor Callaghan

Eleanor's journey with type 1 diabetes started when she was diagnosed at the age of 13. While being a student and travelling the world, she realised barriers to insulin accessibility and the issues it causes. She feels privileged to live in a country where insulin is readily available, and is advocating with T1International so that this becomes a global standard and fellow diabetics can lead healthy, fulfilled lives.

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Riccardo Scatolone Summit 2023

Riccardo Scatolone

Riccardo Scatolone is a T1International advocate based in Turin, Italy. He has been affected by type 1 diabetes since 2006. He has an actuarial background, and is a musician, singer and songwriter in his free time. His main advocacy goal is focused on educating people about diabetes-related costs in Italy, and creating awareness about diabetes burnout.

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Arina Parkhomova GA

Arina Parkhomova

Arina Parkhomova joined T1International because she felt the urge to share her experience and knowledge with fellow diabetics. The work of the whole T1International team, as well as music and art, inspire her to keep going and bring more endorphins into the diabetes community.

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Our Interpreters

Aude Bandini Summit 2023

Aude Bandini

Aude Bandini is a person living with type 1 diabetes, diagnosed back in 1991. She has been involved in several volunteering activities, including being a patient partner in research about T1D. As a philosophy professor, she is also interested in the social and political aspects of the insulin crisis and health inequities. Aude will be interpreting from English to French.

More about Aude

Andrés Jiménez Sánchez Summit 2023

Andrés Jiménez Sánchez

Andrés is a Spanish Licensed Medical Doctor, with a Fellowship in Endocrinology & Clinical Nutrition. Besides his clinical work, he collaborates in clinical and translational research projects in his field, with his early work centered on insulin signaling. He is always happy to lend a hand when it comes to type 1 diabetes management and support. Andrés will be interpreting from English to Spanish.

More about Andrés

Anne Durieux Schreurs Summit 2023

Anne Durieux Schreurs

Anne Durieux Schreurs has been living with type 1 diabetes since 1969, and has had an implantable insulin pump since 1985. She has been an active defender of those with diabetes, advocating for access to treatment and implantable pumps. Anne also works as a Personal Assistant to the European Research Council President, Professor Maria Leptin. Anne will be interpreting from English to French.

More about Anne