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Follow us on Twitter @OHinsulin4allFacebook and Instagram for updates about campaigns and advocacy in our region. Get in touch with us via email at if you want to get involved.

Ohio was formerly part of the KOI Chapter. Visit the Indiana and Kentucky pages to learn more about those Chapters.

About the Insulin Price Crisis

  • Since the 1990s, the cost of insulin has increased over 1,200%, yet the cost of production for a vial of analog insulin is between $3.69 and $6.16.
  • Spending by patients with type 1 diabetes on insulin nearly doubled from 2012 to 2016, increasing from $2900 to $5700.
  • One of every four patients with type 1 diabetes has had to ration their insulin due to cost. Many have died.

About the Chapter

We are a group of volunteer advocates working on #insulin4all action in Ohio to raise awareness about the insulin price crisis and push for transparency and lower insulin prices.

  • We promote awareness of the pricing-gouging practices of insulin manufacturers and the financial burden it creates for people with diabetes.
  • We empower individuals impacted by the high price of insulin to share their stories and fight for change toward making life-saving insulin affordable.
Visit the #insulin4all action page for more info about the issues and tools to help you take action.