Sign the Type 1 Diabetes Access Charter

Sign the Type 1 Diabetes Access Charter

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T1International is advocating for insulin and other vital diabetes supplies to be made available for everyone with diabetes through our Type 1 Diabetes Access Charter.

Millions of people with type 1 diabetes worldwide are dying or suffering excruciating complications because they cannot afford or get a hold of insulin, supplies, education and treatment. In fact, one of every two people that need insulin to survive cannot access it. People who are lucky enough to access insulin and diabetes supplies around the world still might be forced to pay as much as 80% of their income to cover the costs associated with diabetes.

A person with diabetes in the USA shared this comment in our Insulin and Supply Survey: “I pay roughly $5000 for three months of diabetes supplies. With deductibles, co-insurances, co-pays, premiums, etc. it is over half of my yearly income.” Fifteen-year-old Mouhammad in Sierra Leone said, “This sickness is not for poor people,” and Salomey in Ghana said, ‘’We had to sell my mum’s belongings to afford my insulin.” Ahmed in Syria has to walk four hours each month in an attempt to find insulin.

Knowing all of this, why do we so often hear that today a diabetes diagnosis is no longer a death sentence? That statement may be true for some people in wealthy, stable, and reachable communities, but it is simply and unacceptably not the case worldwide. Clearly there is an urgent need for change.

T1International’s Charter is pushing back against this injustice that people with type 1 diabetes around the world face every day. We are asking individuals and organisations to pledge their support to the Charter, which outlines five rights that people with type 1 diabetes should have:

1. The right to insulin

2. The right to manage blood sugar

3. The right to diabetes education

4. The right to healthcare

5. The right to live a life free from discrimination

We hope that the Charter will be used to bolster type 1 diabetes advocacy efforts worldwide, demonstrating that there are many voices united for these rights. The Charter can also be used to influence the actions of governments and organizations so that policies can be changed and the rights of people with type 1 diabetes can be prioritized. We think it will be an important piece of a wider advocacy strategy that people will soon be able to build with T1International’s upcoming Access Advocacy Toolkit.

Please take a moment on or around World Diabetes Day to think of our global type 1 diabetes family and add your name. Then print out the PDF Charter and corresponding letter to tailor and send to your government representative or local media. Finally, share it widely so that we can get as much momentum and as many signatures behind this as possible.

*Note: The Charter is available in multiple languages at the bottom of the link.

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