Interview: Life for a Child

In my quest for finding organizations that help type 1 diabetics around the world, Life for a Child was one of the first programmes that I discovered which fit that bill perfectly. A project by the International Diabetes Federation, Life for a Child was only... Read more

Interview : The Pendsey Trust

It’s a small world, and the diabetes world especially can be even smaller than we think sometimes. Each day a new connection leads me to further connect with more amazing people doing amazing things for diabetes. Read more

Interview: Diabetes in Nigeria

Poor knowledge and awareness of type 1 diabetes in Nigeria, especially among mothers, makes it difficult to explain what is wrong with children when symptoms of type 1 are demonstrated. "Most parents also fail to follow-up after treatment with a high level of non-compliance to insulin use...'' Read more

Interview: Diabetes in Pakistan

Sana wants to tackle the ever-growing problems that diabetics face in Pakistan, such as negative social pressures, lack of acceptance, and lack of diabetes awareness and education. Read more