Global Stories

Two Stories of Type 1 Diabetes in Kenya

It was in late 2002 that I started falling ill. I thought I had malaria and I went to the pharmacy and bought antimalarial drugs. I took the drugs but I didn’t improve, so I decided to go to the hospital... Read more

Living in Sierra Leone with Type 1 Diabetes

Dr. Veronica Sawicki runs a charity called Help Madina. The main aim of the charity is to improve the health and well-being of the people living in the Madina district of Sierra Leone, which is one of the poorest parts of the world with shocking health statistics. Read more

Syrian Refugees Struggle with Diabetes

This winter I traveled to Lebanon for a needs assessment study of Syrian refugees receiving diabetes care in Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) clinics. It’s not well-known but before the conflict began, Syria had about the same proportion of people living with diabetes as the USA... Read more

What Should Change in Diabetes?

What Should Change in Diabetes?

We at T1International definitely desire multiple changes when it comes to diabetes, but to keep things relatively short I will focus on one. Read more

The Puzzle of Type 1 Diabetes

The Puzzle of Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike many other health conditions (not all, but many!) that require a simple treatment – one medication, one procedure, one emergency routine, etc. – treating type 1 diabetes is like putting together a puzzle. There are so many pieces that need to be put together correctly in order to have a fair chance at a full life with type 1 diabetes. Read more

Interview: Diabetes in Sierra Leone

The interview gives great insight into what people with diabetes and other health conditions in Medina, Sierra Leone face. Read more

Interview: Diabetes in the Dominican Republic

Insulin is accessible but expensive and some children do not get the appropriate treatment. I believe that AAV can be the mid-point between local medical care because our camps can offer diabetes education through an efficient continuous supervision of children living with diabetes. Read more

Type 1 Diabetes in War

Now, after the crisis, most hospitals and dispensaries have been destroyed, their instruments stolen. Most doctors have escaped outside of the country and we have 12 million refugees, which means half of Syrians are now out of country... Read more

Interview: Diabetes in Rwanda

Interview: Diabetes in Rwanda

Meet Laurien. He’s a Research Specialist in Epidemiology at the University of Pittsburgh. He’s originally from Rwanda and has supported programmes and research into helping people with type 1 diabetes. Needless to say, he’s a pretty awesome person. Read more

Let’s Talk About Inequality (for people with diabetes)

While inequality certainly describes what many people living with diabetes in some parts of the world face daily, it does not fully exemplify the struggles and horror faced by someone who does not have access to their insulin, blood glucose monitoring supplies, or other essential diabetes needs. Read more